ATTEN JQ-050 Hot Melt Glue Gun 7MM
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ATTEN JQ-050 Hot Melt Glue Gun 7MM

 Rapid heating and melting.

 Smooth glue delivery, and high glued efficiency.

 Friendly to users and environment.

Suitable for DIY toy assembly, handmade products, shoes, door, window gap repair, etc.

1 600,00 DZD 7MM
2 200,00 DZD 11MM

1 600,00 DZD Aucune taxe

1 600,00 DZD HT

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It is widely used in glue to plastic, metal, wood, paper, toys, electronics, furniture, leather, handicrafts, shoe materials, coating, lampshade, pearl cotton, food packaging, stereo and other materials.


  Quick glue delivery, strong viscosity and anti salivation.

  High quality nozzle, make glue flowing smoothly and the glue end and stop is exact without remains at the needle and is durable.

  Small and exquisite, convenient to carry and glue at anytime and anywhere.

  Leakage protection to ensure safe DIY glue jobs.



     Power consumption




     High Temperature


    Glue stick size


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