DC 20V-50V Brushless Spindle BLDC Motor Driver CNC Speed Controller Controlling Controls Board Module

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Rated voltage:20 to 50 VDC
Rated current: 10A
Current limiting:15A
Maximum speed: 20000RPM( the specific speed depends on the motor itself and load)
Storage temperature: -20~+65
Usage environment: Avoid direct contact with dust, fumes and corrosive gases
Temperature: 0-45
Humidity: <80%, no frost, frost free
Shock: 5.9m/S2 MAX
Storage humidity: 0~95%RH
Size: 9.5 * 7 * 3.5cm / 3.74 * 2.76 * 1.38inch
Weight: 260g

1.Two modes of speed regulation:
External potentiometer: through this potentiometer speed regulation;
External voltage: external 10VDC voltage speed regulation;
Note: The two speed regulation can not be used simultaneously
2. Speed output PG signal: There is a 5v-revolution pulse output between the port and the ground.
The output frequency is set to P (Hz), the motor class logarithm is N, and the speed is F (RPM), then the output speed frequency is P=F*N/60.
3. Alarm output ALM signal:There is an 5V alarm pulse output between the port and the ground.
4. Positive inversion function:
F/R:Fiddle the toggle switch on the corresponding side, the motor steering direction can be changed. For the toggle switch, the white part is up and down, then twang it up and down. For the toggle switch, the white part is horizontal, and the twang horizontally.
5. Start-stop (two control modes):
6. Locked-rotor protection:If the motor stops working, switch on the power again to start.

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